Rene was born and raised in North West London. He started his career working for Storm Thorgerson of Hypnosis art design group in the late 80's. He assisted Storm on photo shoots and music videos during this era, helping with composition and assistant directing. He also worked on many other music videos during his time in London. His time spent with Storm and Hypnosis started his journey into mixing art forms and devel- oping a unique point of view and a love for the collaborative process of film and image making.

Rene moved to Los Angeles in the mid 90's. In his early years in Los Angeles Rene set decorated, wrote and directed several shorts and produced music videos. This experience rounded out his knowledge of the film making process.

In the late 90's Rene dove full time into the art department and by the mid 2000's he became a full time ADG production designer. He chose to mainly design commercials as it gave him a more fluid schedule for his other endeavors including food styling/design and party/event planning in the underbelly of Los Angeles' East side.

Some notable directors Rene has collaborated with over the past 10 years include Taika Waititi, Marc Forster, Patrick Hughes, Erich Joiner, and Jeff Tomsic.

Rene has also had the pleasure of working with many esteemed directors of photography such as John Toll, Caleb Deschanel and Conrad Hall.

Of late Rene has started a journey into more narrative film projects, and has been work- ing in the short film format.